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Athens Bucketlist 2012-2013

-smoke on the 50 yard line at Peden.

-camp in my back yard

-be “that girl” at the bar (at every bar!) for one night

-and then NEVER do that again!

-have an epic party in which people i don’t even know, come and have a great time

-beat a team we usually get beat by this year

-calm down and don’t stress

-grow up slower

-go to a play

-graffiti the wall

-climb the middle school with all of my friends wearing all black

-keg party in the dorms

-have a country themed party

-say hi to everyone i know and be generally nice and outgoing

-meet new people and become friends

-go to the ridges, TB ward

-take flattering pictures (we can only hope!)

-forgive and forget easier —need to do this!

-try to judge less

-go to church

-get good grades

-find the place maj and i climbed the night we were drunk and it was raining

-go to a social from a different group of friends

-be nice

-be slow to anger (it’s probably not worth it anyways!)

-dave rave (x?)

-try molly (maybe)

-bon fires in the backyard

-rocky horror picture show

-go back to all of my old rooms in athens

-regret nothing

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